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The Dog of the Year

a CJ Memorial Trust Initiative

About Us

ABOUT The #IndieDogDay

You've noticed them too, and it's time we stepped up to recognise a much loved fellow compatriot - The Indie Dog. 


Call them anything you want, however politically incorrect - pariah, cur, streetie, Indian, desi, stray, mixed breed, community dogs, anything. These dogs have emerged from years of great genetics of survival on the street and hardy genes. Due to poor sterilisation framework & implementation, there are far too many on the streets perhaps, but many do just fine and it's fantastic how Indians have started stepping up to adopt their own as pets.


'Mixed breed dogs tend to be healthier, better behaved, they live longer and are just as able to perform the duties of pure bred dogs. However we are indoctrinated by our culture and the old caste system into wanting a pure breed pedigree, however alien they are to our weather and environment.


By establishing a National or Global Indie Day, we are merely directing attention of citizens and our dog lovers and citizens to one of our most loyal and true Indian canines; we attach the brand and cachet that reduces the snob value and casteist love for only the pedigrees.


#IndiesAreTheNewCool! We do the right thing, we direct the gaze to where it should be , and we build up a brand and awareness for one of the most beloved local friends we could ever have. We always have. Now , lets just make it official !


We all agree that every dog must have its day, the #IndieDog most of all. Every Dog has its Day. Let's all ensure that our #IndieDog has theirs .

It's about time.

How can i help

So What can YOU do for #indiedogDay?

Sign the Petition.
Share it everywhere!

 #IndieDogDay : 

There's an Indie Pup on your Head.jpg

With this signature, do you know the difference you are about to make to the life of MANY of our Indie Dogs?

Sign the Petition.
Share it everywhere!

Take a Selfie with your Indie , at home , street or shelter

Tag it #MeAndMyIndie, #IndiesRock, #DesiLogDesiDog, @#IndieDogDay 

Layla and Ashwin Pethi_edited.jpg

Let everyone know just how much you love them, and just how gorgeous they are. That's one less Indie dog abused , that's one more that get some food, that's one that could get a home. so #JustDoIt


Talk and share with influencers and celebrities.


Imagine the ripple effect and the reach that could happen. One Indie Dog will go home. One can get that pat on the head. Our gaze shifts to the Indie Dog as a REAL dog. 

And Ours.

Get them to sign and share the #IndieDogDay , petition and to talk about it .

see what they say about #indiedogDay?

Here's what YOU can do


D Randeep, Special Commissioner-BBMP

#BBMP AH wing supports #IndieDogDay. We support Indie Dogs and their rescue and adoption. This will help people to know and adopt more of these much loved and visible breeds. I have adopted 4 Indies.


Rajeev Chandrasekhar, 

Member of Parliament

I my #IndieDogs ! Please support #IndieDogDay

(on twitter)


Varda Mehrotra, Executive Director -FIAPO

We love this idea for our Indie Dogs. It is a much needed initiative and FIAPO would is happy to support.

Rashmi Mahesh.jpg

Rashmi Mahesh

Secretary , Animal Husbandry & Vet Sciences

Declaring indie dog day ..

certainly, we will support any indigenous breed popularisation

IndieDogDay Mindmap

The IndieDogDay Mindmap

#IndieDogDay poll results

Indie Dog Polls

our Fabulous Indie Dogs

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